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The Association of Friends of Friends of the Swiss Air Force


The Association of Friends of Friends of the Swiss Air Force (VFL) consists of a board and currently approx.4500 members. The VFL promotes public interest in the history, present, and future of the Swiss Air Force by operating the Flieger Flab Museum. Enthusiasts of aviation and military history from all walks of life have come together in the VFL to effectively support the Flieger Flab Museum and preserve the fascination of the Air Force for future generations.

We collaborate with various organizations to make the history of the Swiss Air Force known to the public. Thanks to the association's efforts, it is possible to conduct nostalgic and demonstration flights with our 2 Bücker aircraft. Last but not least, we also promote camaraderie and fellowship among our members.


Individual Membership (Private Individuals) CHF 30.-
Collective Membership (Companies) CHF 100.-


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As a club member, you enjoy free admission to the Flieger Flab Museum in Dübendorf during regular opening hours and receive our annual report with many interesting contributions about the Flieger Flab Museum."


Annual Reports

Additional detailed reports in our annual reports


Membership Services VFL:
Telefon: +41 (0)44 824 55 24
E-Mail: vfl@airforcecenter.ch ‎




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