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Volunteer Employees

Our volunteer employees are important to us. Around the Air Force Center, more than 80 volunteer workers, both men and women, contribute with great dedication and passion. Thanks to this frontline work, we are able to operate our museum. The annual museum evening fosters social cohesion and expresses gratitude for the outstanding efforts of each individual volunteer.


Museum Guides

The museum guides show our visitors the evolution of the Swiss Air Force from its beginnings to the present day. A museum tour can be reserved in advance of the visit. Most of our museum guides have personal connections to the individual objects, having either flown the aircraft themselves or possessing personal relationships with them. This results in many exciting stories and personal details being shared with our visitors.


Object Patrons

Our object patrons take pride in presenting their objects to visitors in impeccable condition. They either have a personal relationship with the exhibited artifact or simply find joy in preserving the historical materials of the air force.



The supervisory staff is characterized by friendliness and expertise. They are more than happy to provide our museum visitors with personal information about specific objects. Additionally, they ensure that order is maintained during the museum tour and that the museum operations run smoothly.


Maintenance Group

The maintenance team consists of skilled individuals with craftsmanship abilities. Many of them come from aviation-related professions (often former employees of the armed forces) and possess knowledge and background about historical aircraft. Their task is to authentically restore or repair defective and restoration-worthy materials.


Historical Materials/Archive

This team registers and inventories existing or newly decommissioned military materials (objects, documents) in our MuseumPlus database. Furthermore, they handle various inquiries from aviation enthusiasts. A basic knowledge of the history of the air force is advantageous.


Gazette Team

The Gazette team editorially manages our online magazine and organizes, researches, and composes new exciting articles accessible to all interested individuals on the website  www.gazette-online.ch. By registering, you can stay informed about the latest articles.


P-3 Simulator Instructors

First flying experiences can be gained in our P-3 simulator. Whether young or old, our experienced instructors gladly pass on their knowledge in the original cockpit, providing our visitors with a first glimpse into the role of a pilot.



Bücker Pilots

Our volunteer pilots fly our two Bücker aircraft and assist passengers during pre-booked sightseeing flights. The pilot crew exclusively consists of experienced former Swiss or Air Force pilots.


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Maintenance Group

Historical Material/archive


P-3 Simulator-Instructors