Experience flying in Dübendorf A place to meet

Museum's history

From the Aircraft Museum to the Air Force Air Defense Museum


Since it’s beginning in August of 1914, the Swiss airforce has evolved significantly. Organization as well as equipment has continuously been modernized. It’s development is presented in our museum, which also provides a meeting place for airforce and aviation enthusiasts.


Donations from the VFL Foundation, the public sector, a number of companies and private patrons ensure the expansion of the museum. The Swiss Federal Government is responsible for maintaining the facility in Dübendorf. Our appreciation to all donors, the Board of Trustees, the Building and Operations Committee and the vast number of volunteers for their tireless efforts.


The future of the Flieger Flab Museum on Dübendorf airfield is secured. What began in 1910 will continue to exist as a meeting place with historical importance of Swiss aviation



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