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Fly with a Bücker



Don't miss out on this special experience aboard a Bücker biplane. This is flying in vintage style like never before. You will be seated in the front of the two open cockpits, while the pilot maneuver’s the aircraft from the aft.

Bücker biplanes perform all standard aerobatic maneuvers. Choose between a scenic flight with or without aerobatics.


Prices for a 30 minute scenic flight:
Bücker without aerobatics:  CHF 250.-
Bücker with aerobatics  CHF 350.-
(Prices include 7.7% VAT)


Method of payment:
Valid JU-52 and Bücker vouchers are accepted. On site cash remboursements in Swiss Francs are alsowelcome.
Bücker Flight vouchers:
Bücker vouchers are the perfect gift for your aviation enthusiast friends. Order today by using the referenced form below.


Important information:
Check-in at the Air Force Center: 15 min. prior to flight.
Duration of flight:  30 min.
Maximum weight:  100 kg
Maximum height:  190 cm


Flights are only permitted under sufficient visual conditions. This, however, does not limit flights to sunny weather only.
Club Membership:
Due to revised Aviation authority rules (Federal Council decision of autumn, 2022), noncommercial flights which fall under the category of "Historic" aircraft are exclusive to club members. Hence, booking a Bücker flight will require a mandatory club membership with our association (VFL) at least 30 days in advance.
By phone, Tuesday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., under +41 (0)44 824 55 11 or info@airforcecenter.ch 

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