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Boeing 737 Simulator

Taking Off and Flying - Our Boeing 737 Simulator "Babinda" is based on the original cockpit of a Boeing 737-222 from United Airlines. It was refurbished at the Air Force Center Dübendorf and is available to all interested individuals for a virtual flight experience. Take your place in the commanding front seat, assume control, and pilot the aircraft, for example, from Zurich to Geneva. Over Lausanne, you'll turn onto the ILS (Instrument Landing System) of Geneva Runway 22, set the flaps, deploy the landing gear, and smoothly land the Boeing 737. You'll be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will support you and explain many aspects of flying a Bowing 737. After 90 minutes, you'll be tired but thrilled. As a farewell, you'll receive a flight certificate.


737-300 Visual (approximately 130°) on a large screen. State-of-the-art with digital and analog image data.


Important to Know:
Minimum age: 14 years
Requirements:  No prior experience required
Operating Hours:  Upon request
Simulator Time: ca. 90 minutes
Prices: CHF 290.-

Voucher/Reservation/Book - HERE


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